RWS Consulting maintains certain guidelines and policies to guide its employees with respect to standards of conduct expected in areas where improper activities could damage the Company's reputation and otherwise result in serious adverse consequences to the Company and to employees involved.

We recognize the importance of credibility, integrity and trustworthiness to our success as a business. We are committed to upholding high ethical standards in all our operations.  We believe in the principles of honesty, fairness, and respect for individual and community freedoms.

Living up to both the letter and the spirit of this commitment is not always an easy task. As a consulting company, we recognize that while there is some level of agreement the world over on what constitutes honest and ethical business practice, there can also be valid differences of opinion.

In our working lives, we often experience situations where the 'right thing to do' is not immediately apparent. Loyalties -- to our fellow employees, to managers, customers and suppliers, to our families, our communities, the environment, the corporation as a whole, and to ourselves -- may seem to conflict. When we're faced with a complicated situation, it can be difficult to decide where the ethical path lies.

In this day and age, a reputation for unwavering integrity can be the basis for corporate differentiation and a significant competitive advantage.


Ron Sowadski

Ron Sowadski MBA

President & CEO